1) DEEDS OF FLESH: Portal to Canaan
Possibly the band's best album, this fast technical masterpiece also has memorable riffs and super production quality. Spectacular.
2) THE ZENITH PASSAGE: Cosmic Dissonance
This new comer hits us with a short EP that's the perfect combination of Aeon, black metal, and super technical death metal. Super impressive, can't wait for their full length debut.
3) PESTILENCE: Obsideo
Vicious riffs, razor tight sound, chord progressions that defy logic, a really fantastic album.
4) SUFFOCATION: Pinnacle Of Bedlam
The kings are back (along with drummer Dave Culross), and while not as perfect as some of their older albums, "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" does not disappoint.
5) ENTITIES: Aether
While simple and the songs need more to differentiate themselves, I found the combination of harsh mechanical djent rhythms and the keyboard/synth sounds to keep me smiling the whole album through.
6) TESSERACT: Altered State
While not immediately impressive when I first heard it, I found myself listening to the album again and again over the months, so obviously they're doing something right. Definitely grew on me.
7) AURAS: Panacea
In some ways, similar to Entities, but a little more song based.
8) DREAM THEATER: Dream Theater
While no track stands out as classic, this album has no bad song.
9) HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH: Humanity's Last Breath
Love the ridiculously low and powerful guitar on this one.
10) SENSORY AMUSIA: Disrepair
A lot of power from this band, definitely doing something a little different which I appreciate.

Honorable Mention:

WORMED: Exodromos
After way too many years with no album, this slab of brutal death metal was well worth the wait.
GORGUTS: Colored Sands
This album didn't click with me as much as their previous album did, but I give them unlimited points for again continuing to push the boundaries of metal.
BROKEN HOPE: Omen Of Disease
While I wasn't in love with this album, I am so happy to see the band return and encourage them to keep it up, I think they still have some classics in them yet.


1) GORGUTS: Colored Sands
2) IMMOLATION: Kingdom Of Conspiracy
3) PESTILENCE: Obsideo
4) EXHALE: When Worlds Collide
5) DEEDS OF FLESH: Portals To Canaan
6) CARCASS: Surgical Steel
7) MAN MUST DIE: Peace Was Never An Option
8) PATHOLOGY: Lords Of Rephaim
9) SENSORY AMUSIA: Disrepair
10) SUFFOCATION: Pinnacle Of Bedlam