1) SOREPTION: Monument Of The End
After the loss of one of their key members, Soreption have shown they aren't gonna take a step back, and instead have taken a step forward. A modern masterpiece of technical death metal.
2) MONOTHEIST: Scourge
These guys came out of nowhere, but their mix of brutal death metal and more progressive elements was really impressive.
3) SPLATTERPUSS: Labyrinths Of Dark Energy
Sludgy brutal death metal with lots of great moshable bits, their debut packed a serious punch and has been holding a spot in my music rotation for awhile now.
4) CRYPTOPSY: The Book Of Suffering Tome II
Nothing new, just Cryptopsy being Cryptopsy and that's enough to always get some spot in my top 10.
5) ABORTED: TerrorVision
Another strong Aborted release, this time with a slight black metal edge to things. But the mix of that and the usual technical speed defying death metal works really well.
6) EXTREMITY: Coffin Birth
A step above a nostalgia release, this is like an amazing early 90s death metal album that never got released until now. Great stuff.
7) HATE ETERNAL: Upon Desolate Sands
A very strong addition to the Hate Eternal catalog, they have taken the strong parts of many of their past albums and mixed them together quite successfully.
8) INTERNAL BLEEDING: Corrupting Influence
Shades of "Voracious Contempt", this album shows the band returning even more to their slam roots.
9) KRISIUN: Scourge Of The Enthroned
After a few so-so albums, this is a really solid slice of the Brazilian trio, and shows off that after all these years, they still have tremendous power.
10) TESSERACT: Sonder
Another great showpiece of melody, djent and progressive elements.

Honorable Mention:

WHORETOPSY: Take My Breath Away
Another high quality slab of brutal death, not quite as catchy as their other album, but darn close.