1) BRAIN DRILL: Boundless Obscenity
The insane speed we know from the band mixed with more mature songwriting, a real winner.
While a few too many similarities to The Faceless, the debut from The Zenith Passage is still filled with great songs and amazing performances.
3) ABORTED: Retrogore
Another great album from the tried and true, a very mild improvement over their previous album, which was already pretty awesome.
4) PERIPHERY: Periphery III: Select Difficulty
Some really catchy songs and a bit heavier overall, the djent masters keep them coming.
5) WORMED: Krighsu
So glad it wasn't another decade wait between albums, their 3rd full length is technical death metal at its best.
6) MESHUGGAH: The Violent Sleep Of Reason
A really strong offering from the swedish masters, still nothing can touch their earlier material, but this album rates highly among their last 5 releases or so.
7) DREAM THEATER: The Astonishing
Not quite as good as "Scenes From a Memory", but hugely ambitious and highly entertaining.
8) NEUROGENIC: Ouroboric Stagnation
Tremendous speed and slams, the most brutal release of the year.
9) DEVIN TOWNSEND: Transcendence
A nice sampling of Devin's various styles over the years, lots of great songs.
10) NAILS: You Will Never Be One of Us
Short form grindcore at its best.

Honorable Mention:

UNMERCIFUL: Ravenous Impulse
So glad this album finally came out, while not as good as their debut, they still pummel the listener with ungodly speed and stamina.
SERPENTINE DOMINION: Serpentine Dominion
Cool little side project, short bug a great mix of styles, hopefully they get together again sometime to make a second album.