This a ridiculous masterpiece of speed and accuracy, a long wait for this one but so worth it.
2) TESTAMENT: Titans Of Creation
After a few lackluster albums, this one has the memorable riffs, it feels like Testament but manages to breath some new life into the formula. Great work!
3) UNMERCIFUL: Wrath Encompassed
While the songs tend to blend together some, it's an impressive blast fest all the way through.
4) NAPALM DEATH: Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism
A little more experimental than the last few releases, but still has plenty of those classic Napalm riffs, and Barney's great screams.
5) DEEDS OF FLESH: Nucleus
An album that may never have happened, band founder Erik Lindmark's final chapter before his untimely death, a huge thanks to the rest of the band for sharing these final songs with us.
6) OZZY OSBOURNE: Ordinary Man
A bit odd for Ozzy to make my top 10, but this album is really emotional, it feels like a direct link to a man who has lived highs and lows, has regrets and is afraid of his life ending. Just a great soulful album.
7) VADER: Solitude In Madness
Quality Vader in the mold of their older albums, just great songs.
8) DEPRAVITY: Grand Malevolence
Classic death metal that is well played and has many standout riffs.
9) SENSORY AMUSIA: Bereavement
An EP, but really strong material, plenty of complexity mixed in with the blasts, and a sound that smashes you in the face.
10) SKELETAL REMAINS: The Entombment of Chaos
More classic style death metal, fun stuff with great riffs, fans of old Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel rejoice!

Honorable Mention:

ABORTED: La Grande Mascarade
A short EP, more a teaser for their new works, so that's why this only gets an honorable mention, but quality stuff.
CARCASS: Despicable
Also a short EP as a teaser for their new album (delayed due to COVID), but some of the best riffs Carcass have written since their return. It's got me really excited about their new album.