1) DECAPITATED: Carnival Is Forever
The band's comeback album after such a tragic loss is just fantastic, great riffs in the Decapitated style.
2) DEVIN TOWNSEND: Deconstruction
Just the heaviest and most convoluted album from Dev. It'll make your ears bleed.
3) DREAM THEATER: A Dramatic Turn Of Events
Despite a soso drum performance from new drummer Mangini, the song writing on this album is just excellent.
4) NEURAXIS: Asylon
Dark, pounding tech metal from Montreal. A worthy follow-up to their last album. Lovers of technical metal take note.
5) ORIGIN: Entity
No surprise, just ridiculous speed all the way.
6) DEVOLVED: Oblivion
More excellent tech metal, the wait was far too long for this album, but the results are excellent.
7) VADER: Welcome To The Morbid Reich
After a few soso albums, this album shows the band back at full force, incorporating a few tastefully placed keyboards to help bolster their sound.
8) VOYAGER: The Meaning Of I
Great progressive album with fantastic hooks.
9) MACHINE HEAD: Unto The Locust
A worthy follow-up to an album that's difficult to follow up. I'm glad they decided to not just repeat themselves with this new one.
Since most of the material on this album was already released as an EP, this hangs onto the 10 spot, with a few extra songs that make it all worth it.

Honorable Mention:

PERIPHERY: Icarus Lives
Only 2 new songs, but a good collection of hard to find stuff.
Fantastic death metal with great riffs and just enough oddity to make their sound unique.