Mnemic's "Passenger" 1) MNEMIC: Passenger
Possibly a controversial choice. Energized with their new vocalist, the band manages to write some of their best material ever, making "Passenger" that one album that just won't leave my CD player, even a full year after its release.
Aborted's "Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture" 2) ABORTED: Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
Aborted's most brutal album yet, and their previous material was already so good. There are so many sick riffs on this album, it's a must buy.
Divine Heresy's "Bleed The Fifth!" 3) DIVINE HERESY: Bleed The Fifth!
Fear Factory's other half blends his former group's sound with a harsher death metal style. A razor sharp guitar tone and insanely fast and precise drumming possibly makes this album the new standard in the genre.
Nile "Ithyphallic" 4) NILE: Ithyphallic
Nile just can't produce a bad album, and this one is no exception.
Dream Theater's "Systematic Chaos" 5) DREAM THEATER: Systematic Chaos
A tiny bit weak in the middle, but the first and last song (actually one 25min song broken into two pieces) is one of the best compositions the band has ever written in their career.
Despised Icon's "The Ills Of Modern Man" 6) DESPISED ICON: The Ills of Modern Man
Just insane, insane, insane. Insane guitar riffs, insane drumming, great songs.
Aeon's "Rise To Dominate" 7) AEON: Rise to Dominate
Not quite as good as their previous album, but still blasphemous and brutal.
Synthetic Breed's "Catatonic" 8) SYNTHETIC BREED: Catatonic
A fantastic debut for this Australian act. A brilliant slab of math metal, hopefully this album will get good distribution and attract the attention it deserves.
Prong's "Power of the Damager" 9) PRONG: Power Of The Damager
Tommy knows how to write a killer riff, and it gets me moving every time.
Devin Townsend's "Ziltoid the Omniscient" 10) DEVIN TOWNSEND: Ziltoid the Omniscient
Devin's Swan Song (at least for now). The album is silly in theme, but the music is top notch.

Honorable Mention:

Machine Head's "The Blackening" MACHINE HEAD: The Blackening
The band's best album since their debut, the only reason this isn't in my top 10 is that my personal tastes have strayed from their style these past few years. But the quality is obvious.
Crionic's "Neuthrone" CRIONICS: Neuthrone
This black / death / industrial metal hybrid arrived too late in the year to get much play on my stereo but I expect it will get tons in 2008.
Vital Remains' "Icons Of Evil" VITAL REMAINS: Icons of Evil
More of the same, but amazing regardless.
Ministry's "The Last Sucker" MINISTRY: The Last Sucker
Final album for the band, I was pleasantly surprised at the strong metal influence this album has. Some great songs.


1) DIVINE HERESY: Bleed the Fifth!
2) ARCH ENEMY: Rise of the Tyrant
3) NILE: Ithyphallic
4) DREAM THEATER: Systematic Chaos
5) CHIMAIRA: Resurrection
7) PSYOPUS: Our Puzzling Encounters
8) SOILWORK: Sworn to a Great Divide
9) SONIC SYNDICATE: Only Inhuman
10) ABORTED: Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture