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Devin Townsend Project - TesseracT
Oct 12th 2010

Slim's, San Francisco, CA, USA

Afraid this will be a shorter review than normal, my daughter has just been born and as you can imagine, every moment is bottle, diapers and trying to stop her from crying (even just attending the concert involved some high level negotiations with the wife). But I did want to say the show was great, the song selection could maybe have been a bit better, as they played a lot of songs I've played before (more rare songs would have been nice), but they totally redeemed themselves with the end of the show where they played an excellent rendition of  'Color Your World / The Greys' and I especially loved the last song 'Deep Peace', which had excellent dynamics and tremendous energy at the end. And Devin's banter is always funny. Here's the setlist for the show:

Om (the first 3 minutes)
By Your Command
Bad Devil
Color Your World
The Greys
Deep Peace

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