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Mar 31st 1998
Les Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, PQ, Canada

Spectacular. It's the only word to describe this concert. After 3 opening acts, Suffocation took the stage, and dominated it for almost 90 minutes. There are no words I can put in this review to describe what I saw (but I'll try anyway). I've always known the band for releasing high quality material, but they're far better live.

First, this band is tight as hell. When they mute a note, it's muted, not a single sound is left in the air. It's like the whole band is being controlled by one mind. You could hear a pin drop in those holes. And they were consistent, I didn't hear a single miss.

Second, they have Dave Culross on drums. That just rocks right there. For those who don't know Dave, he was originally in Malevolent Creation, and he's as fast as hell. He played a 90 minute set with almost no breaks, and didn't miss a single drum beat. In fact, he even added extra double kicks. Seeing this guy in action is like watching a monk or something, he controls every single molecule in his body. This guy knows exactly how much energy he has to use to produce every single beat, and doesn't waste an ounce of sweet. It's like he's meditating, his body is completely still, but his hands and feet are just flying at top speeds, the motion is so fluid. Just to see Dave play was worth the admission price alone.

And the rest of the band was great too. The bass player seemed a little calm (he sorta just stood there), but the guitarists were banging away, and they were playing really complex riffs in perfect unison. Frank the vocalist did a good job growling out all kinds of new and old tunes, like 'Pierced From Within', 'Funeral Inception', 'Torn Into Enthrallment', 'Suspended In Tribulation', 'Infecting The Crypts', 'Catatonia', 'Despise The Sun', and 'Devoid Of Truth.' I think the highlight of the concert for me was 'Breeding The Spawn', during the middle segment where the band plays this really slow chunky riff, and the double kicks were just flying, each hit crystal clear.

Anyways, you can guess I'd recommend for everyone in the world to go see this band live.

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