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Obliveon - Anonymous
Nov 30th 1996
Les Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, PQ, Canada

Living in Quebec, it seemed strange that I hadn't gotten myself to an Obliveon concert yet (since they are probably the biggest and best thrash/death band in Quebec), but I finally got the chance this weekend at Les Foufounes Electriques. After a quick set from an opening band (called Anonymous, a talented band, but they lacked originality), Obliveon took the stage at about 9:30, and played an hour and a half set of about 15 songs. The mix was great, I could hear every instrument clearly (even the guitar solos and kick drums). A badly mixed live show can easily ruin the best of bands, so I was pleased Obliveon took the time to make sure everyone could be heard. They played a good mix off of their three albums.

They started the show with "Downward", and proceeded to play most of their big songs including "Cybervoid", "Deus Ex Machina", "Obscure Mindways" and "Factory Of Delusions." The whole crowd joined in with the vocals on "Nemesis", and the lead singer had Sebastian from Necrotic Mutation come out and help him with the chorus on "Subgod".

Every sampled sound on the albums were reproduced live by a keyboardist offstage. While not as brutal as other bands I've seen, Obliveon's technical style impressed me immensely. The band was very tight, the songs were catchy and difficult to play. The band made the most complex of songs look easy as they chugged along through song after song, barely taking a breather every 2 songs or so. The only thing that disappointed me was the vocalist seemed too stationary, I wish he had moved around more. I was also sort of disappointed at the turnout to the show, since I heard their last show in June was completely packed. They closed off the show with "Android Succubus" after two other encore songs. Since they are a local band, it might be tough to get their CD's, or to see them live, but if you ever get the chance, please check these guys out.

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