1) REVOCATION: Netherheaven
A bit of a surprise, haven't been following the band very long but the excellent thrash inspired death metal riffs on this one are catchy as hell.
2) ANALEPSY: Quiescence
Not quite as good as their last album, but still a huge pummeling tour-de-force of brutal death metal.
3) ARKAIK: Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
I think this is the band's best showing in my end of year top 10, this album is a fantastic slab of technical death metal.
4) ORIGIN: Chaosmos
Still going strong and this album has catchier tunes and a more consistent mood than their last few albums.
5) ARCH ENEMY: Deceivers
Melodic death metal perfection, better than anything the band has released in the last several years.
Still a technical death metal masterpiece, but despite the amazing performance, I feel the riffs are slightly less memorable, which is why they fall a bit in the standings. Hope to see them rise to the top again in the coming years.
7) BLOODBATH: Survival of The Sickest
If you've heard Bloodbath, then you know what they do, and they once again do it so well.
8) NIGHTRAGE: Abyss Rising
Ok, this album also gets the "Melodic death metal perfection" award along with the new Arch Enemy. Super memorable songs that feel fresh even though existing solidly in the Nightrage style.
9) UNDEATH: It's Time...To Rise From the Grave
Old school 90s death metal, great great riffs, love this band.
10) KARL SANDERS: Saurian Apocalypse
Karl caps his solo excursions with another set of amazingly haunting middle eastern flavored traditional tunes that always surprise and will give you a chill down your spine.

Honorable Mention:

Brutal Death metal with just so many standout riffs, the songwriting is top notch and I'm really looking forward to their next release.
CRYPT ROT: An Ancient Summoning
Love this combination of brutal death metal and haunting melodies, some nice slow plodding bits, shows a lot of promise.