1) Devin Townsend: Accelerated Evolution
Certainly not Death Metal, but in the broader sense of metal, I just can't stop listening to this album.
2) Hanzel Und Gretyl: Uber Alles
A fine, fine slab of industrial metal, the best and catchiest I've heard in a long time.
3) Spawn Of Possession: Cabinet
In the category of Suffocation inspired death metal, this album keeps coming back for more.
4) Chimaira: The Impossibility Of Reason
A straight ahead metal / nu-metal album whose songs and riffs are so damn catchy they just won't let go.
5) Aborted: Goremageddon
On the brutality side, this is certainly the best of the year, not too technical, but not to straight forward, Carcass one step further.
6) Dying Fetus: Stop At Nothing
The band falls apart, reforms with almost completely new members, and still pulls off a fine album. Good shit.
7) Strapping Young Lad: Strapping Young Lad
While I still prefer "City", this album has some good riffs and Devin screaming, which is always good.
8) Deftones: Deftones
A lot angrier than their last album, still plenty of catchy material.
9) Arch Enemy: Anthems Of Rebellion
Not as good as their last landmark album, but still great songs.
10) Dream Theater: Train Of Thought
Again, not as good as their last two albums, but still impressive, and a step forward for those of us who prefer our Dream Theater heavy and angry.

Honorable Mention:
Extol: Synergy
Krisiun: Works Of Carnage


1) Dying Fetus: Stop At Nothing
2) Nasum: Helvete
3) Strapping Young Lad
3) Misery Index: Retaliate
5) Arch Enemy: Anthems Of Rebellion
6) Cryptopsy: None So Live
7) Burnt By the Sun: The Perfect Enemy of Good
8) Dream Theater: Train Of Thoughts
8) Ion Dissonance: Breathing is Irrelevant
10) Skinless: From Sacrifice To Survival