1) GORGUTS: From Wisdom To Hate
Another Canadian band hits number 1 (alongside last year's Cryptopsy). What can I say, it perfectly combines the catchiness of their first two albums with their revolutionary but perhaps too complex third album, fusing the advantages of each style and doing away with the disadvantages. And it just won't leave my CD player, no matter what I seem to do.
No matter what people say, this has to be one of the angriest albums I've heard in a long time, while retaining the catchiness of a more "accessible" form of metal. If all nu-metal sounded like this, the purest patrol would be out of a job.
After a slightly disappointing previous album, this album proves that Devin can indeed still improve. Metal or some sort of progressive astro-rock? I'll let you decide.
4) DEEDS OF FLESH: Mark Of The Legion
While not super original, this album is just fucking sick. Probably one of the best straight ahead death metal albums of the past 5 years, with a simpler but more effective song structure and an amazing drummer, the band manages to write memorable songs without changing their style. Excellent.
5) SLAYER: God Hates Us All
I had sort of assumed a decent album from the band, but I didn't expect this. While retaining the core Slayer style of old, this release injects some of the venom back in, especially in Tom's vocals, which have never sounded as fierce.
6) CHIMAIRA: Pass Out Of Existence
Hard to classify most of the material on this album as new, but a very solid release from the band.
7) TOOL: Lateralus
It always sucks trying to follow up an album as well loved as Ænima, and while a few of the songs still haven't grabbed my interest, overall this is a most worthy successor, and proof that Tool can deliver even after a long break with many, many memorable songs.
8) ARCH ENEMY: Wages Of Sin
Best album from the band to date, great production, good songs, and vicious female vocals, this lady is pissed off.
9) FEAR FACTORY: Digimortal
Despite being the band's weakest album to date, this is still a good album, and deserves some notice. Hopefully next time though the band will hearken back towards their death metal roots a bit more.
10) KRISIUN: Ageless Venomous
A good album, this would have been much higher but I just can't get into this production. So it takes the number 10 slot by songs alone.


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