1) DEVIN TOWNSEND: Infinity + Christeen EP
A finely crafted epic CD (and bonus tracks that are included on a separate disc) that is so different it really defies classification beyond this is the pure stuff that oozes from Devin's brain. The only thing that concerned me is that this CD is not really metal in any tradition sense, and so how can it be number 1 in a metal webzine poll? I don't know, if you don't agree, then read below for my top 9 of the year.
2) TESTAMENT: The Gathering
After a major departure with their last album, the band goes back to what they do best, and they do it better then they've probably ever done it before.
3) MONSTROSITY: In Dark Purity
An album that proves really great song writing is the way to go.
4) OBLIVEON: Carnivore Mothermouth
An ok last album was really just a transition piece for the band, who now release the follow up, and the band is back on track with a great new sound. Combining techno, metal, Fear Factory overtones without sounding derivative, fans of the genre now have their number 1 of the year.
5) HATE ETERNAL: Conquering the Throne
Although a lack of variety should hurt this album, after repeated listens, I cannot deny it any longer, this is one of the fastest and most sonically brutal CD of the year, if not ever. A must have for lovers of pure death metal.
6) DIABOLIC: Supreme Evil
These guys win for best new band of the year, they've taken all the best elements of death metal and perfected them on their debut full length release.
7) THEORY IN PRACTICE: The Armageddon Theories
A genre defying CD that almost never came out, but I'm glad it did.
8) CANNIBAL CORPSE: Bloodthirst
The most commercially know death metal band, yet the music isn't commercial. Huh?? Great CD with excellent songs, great production, even people who have found many of the bands recent CDs a bit boring have stopped to take notice of this new release.
9) DREAM THEATER: Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From A Memory
After a mediocre effort with their last album, the band goes back to the land of strange time signatures and heavy riffs, and really memorable songs.
10) VADER: Live In Japan
A nice collection of all your favorite vader songs, and some really nice live production to boot.


A big thanks to all the readers who participated.

1) TESTAMENT: The Gathering
3) FREDRIK THORDENDAL: Special Defects: Sol Niger Within Version 3.33
3) ARCH ENEMY: Burning Bridges
5) CANNIBAL CORPSE: Bloodthirst
6) DIABOLIC: Supreme Evil
7) HATE ETERNAL: Conquering the Throne
8) SLIPKNOT: Slipknot
9) NIN: The Fragile
10) MONSTROSITY: In Dark Purity